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Charge !!

On the 11th January, Edward Woollard was convicted of violent disorder and sentenced to 32 months in prison for throwing a fire extinguisher from the top of a building during the student protests. The reactions to the decision were many and passionate, generally in relation to the judges’ admission that by sentencing Mr Woollard he was hoping to “send[…] out a very clear message to anyone minded to behave in this way that an offence of this seriousness will not be tolerated.

It is not the subject of this blog, or at least not of this particular blog post, to discuss the length of the sentence, which is by and large within the range of the offence for which Mr Woollard was sentenced, or whether it was appropriate.

Another question which was raised, and which is more closely related to the subject of this post, is whether or not Mr Woollard should have been judged for attempted murder rather than violent disorder, as was called for before his arrest by a senior police officer.

From a legal perspective, the issue that I want to discuss in this post is in relation to what offence he was accused of and why…

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