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Week-end reading list…

A few reading tips for the week-end, or to save for productive procrastination next week at work!

  • John Flood’s article about legal education reflects a view that is very close to my academic heart, that education shouldn’t be restricted to professional training, especially in the legal field…
  • On a darker note, another letter is published in the Guardian, from Bradley Manning, literally rotting away in prison in the US. Certainly puts to shame the “Dickensian […], Victorian conditions” Assange’s lawyer complained of a few weeks ago…
  • And finally on a more pleasant note, still enjoying the Magistrate’s Blog, with it interesting snippets of real judicial life. It’s generally short, often funny and always interesting!

Let’s talk about sex… some more

You might have thought that I would have made an effort for St Valentine’s Day but I’m afraid today’s post is definitely not about love. Rather, it touches on sex and unpleasant circumstances, much like our previous discussion, though in a more pointed way…

Julian Assange’s extradition case has been all over the news recently and there seems to be a lot of confusion about what the debate should really be about…
Is it about rape and anonymity of rape victims?
Is it about the CIA and international conspiracies?
Is it about the Swedish legal system and political meddling?
Is it about the European Arrest Warrant and extradition laws?

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